What Information Should a Resume for an Administrative Assistant Contain?


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A resume for an administrative assistant should include ample information regarding the applicant's past work experience, including the executives with which he worked in each role along with his main responsibilities and tasks. The resume should also list all relevant computer skills, including proficiency in specific applications when available, and an objective that highlights his goals and potential benefit to the new company.

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Many administrative assistant resumes begin with a personal statement or objective statement that summarizes the employee's skills, talents and experience in order to provide hiring managers with a snapshot of his prowess. This section does not need to be longer than a few sentences and should mention any impressing facts about past employment, such as working with the CEO of a successful company. After this the resume can feature a section mentioning the applicant's skills, focusing on technical proficiencies as well as learned habits and abilities. This creates a more rounded and balanced view of the employee and shows a wide breadth.

The bulk of the resume should focus on the most recent and relevant past jobs as an administrative assistant, with each mentioning his exact title, the name of the company and the length of time he spent working there. Within each job entry, the applicant should mention specific accomplishments or activities rather than list general tasks. This makes the resume stand out among others and shows the full spectrum of his accomplishments as an assistant beyond the basic job description.

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