What Information Should Be in a Non-Profit Donation Request Letter?


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A non-profit donation request letter should be formal and concise, include a small greeting to the letter's recipient and ask specifically for a donation. The letter should let the recipient know how the donation will be used to create a positive impact on the non-profit entity. A donation request letter should be positive and not outline any negative issues that could arise by not contributing a donation.

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The beginning of the letter should be an introduction of how the writer is related to the organization or entity asking for the donation. This paragraph should inform the recipient about the organization and what it does to help others. This should include everything the letter recipient should know about the organization in order to make an informed decision as to why he should make a donation. Essentially this paragraph should grab the reader's attention.

The middle of the letter is the area where the writer asks the recipient for the donation. It should explain how the donation will help the organization and what the recipient gets out of his donation. It also includes specific information on how to complete the donation.

The closing paragraph should be courteous and thank the recipient for his time and his consideration to donate. The letter is closed with a signature line.

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