What Information Should a Massage Therapist Include in Her Resume?


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A resume for a message therapist should include information about educational training and certification, past work experience in other message therapy jobs, and any other skills relevant to the position for which she is applying, according to the American Massage Therapy Association. The resume also needs to include contact information.

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What Information Should a Massage Therapist Include in Her Resume?
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The first information to include in a message therapist resume is contact information, so that the employer is always able to reach the applicant. After this, it is helpful to include a short personal statement that briefly explains the therapist's goals in her next position and general skills. This section does not need to be detailed, but instead serves as an easy way for the employer to identify key traits about the therapist. Below this section should be a list of relevant skills, such as knowledge on performing various massage techniques or statements on experience working with different types of patients, such as the elderly or children.

The message therapist should also include a summary of her educational experience, such as a college degree or official certification. Additionally, the resume needs to include all of her relevant work experience. If the therapist has little or no actual work experience in the message field, she should include other work experience and tailor the description to highlight relevant skills transferable to message therapy.

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