What Information Should Letters Asking for Donations Include?


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A letter asking for donations should include details of the cause, suggest a donation amount, and give examples of consequences of not acting. Addressing the letter to an individual using his name and proper title can help capture the reader’s attention from the beginning.

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A good fund raising letter should show how critical the organization is in addressing a specific need. Choose a specific theme or project that resonates well with the potential donor for an organization that covers multiple project areas, as including detailed information about all of the organization’s activities in one letter is likely to overwhelm the reader. Adding stories and details of the project helps the reader visualize the impact the organization has on the community.

Next, create a list of suggested donation amounts that the potential donor is likely to give. Provide details of what each gift amount achieves. An example is noting that a donation of a certain amount can feed a hungry child for a month. This gives the donor a better idea of the impact his donation is likely to have.

Lastly, stating the consequences of not acting shows the potential donor the importance of his donation. This part of the letter should be worded carefully and its intention positive to avoid making the donor feel as if he is forced to give a donation. Conclude the letter by thanking the donor in advance for his support.

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