What Information Should Be Included When You Write a Strategic Plan?


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Information to include in a strategic plan includes an executive summary, a description of the business and an explanation of the company's mission and values. The plan should also include an analysis of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Other sections to include are goals, performance metrics, potential new customer segments and an analysis of the industry.

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The business description is a short paragraph that explains what the company does. In a single paragraph, it should describe the service or product, briefly describe the customer and explain why the company is different from competitors.

The SWOT analysis forces the writer to think critically about areas for growth and ways to improve the business. Based on the analysis, the company should come up with specific short-term and long-term goals. To help employees monitor each goal, the plan must also include descriptions of performance indicators.

Most strategic plans also include a section that describes the company's ideal customer. Depending on the business, the plan may include more than one customer profile. If one of the upcoming goals is to branch out to new audiences, the plan should also describe the new customers.

The industry analysis section includes information about the current state of the industry. It should also discuss competitors and explain what the company does better, cheaper or more efficiently than its competitors.

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