What Information Should Be Included in a Volunteer Letter?

A volunteer letter should express interest in the recruiting organization, outline the hours or resources the applicant is willing to volunteer, and list the capabilities or experiences relevant to the organization. The applicant should include his contact information and attach his resume to the letter.

An applicant should address a volunteer letter to the human resources department or the person responsible for recruitment. The letter should begin by stating the interests of the applicant and explaining how these interests relate to the background and mission of the organization. After the introductory section, the letter should detail the specifics that the applicant is willing to commit to the volunteer project, including talents and work hours. If possible, the applicant should identify a role of interest in the volunteer work and demonstrate how his experience fits the role.

The letter should ask for a meeting or interview with the recruiter, state the convenient time for the interview, and list a contact number that the recruiter can use to contact the applicant. The applicant may attach his resume to show his educational background and professional goals. After sending the letter, the applicant can make a follow-up with a call or email that reiterates his interest in the volunteer work.