What Information Should Be Included in a Snow Removal Contract?


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A snow removal contract contains the scope of services to be provided by the contractor, an action plan, agreement terms and assignability, and the terms of payment, according to WilliamsMullen.com. The contract also stipulates licensure requirements and contains clauses that indemnify the owner for damages caused by the contractor.

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A snow removal contract specifies the start and end date of the contract, the snow removal services expected, the areas to be plowed and blown, and the level of snow accumulation that initiates the service, states HindmanSanchez.com. The contract may require the contractor to keep a snow log and be available to address problems resulting from the services provided. The contract assigns the contractor responsibility for any damage caused by his negligence.

A snow removal contract includes a detailed plan of the property showing drive lanes, parking lots, sidewalks, drive lanes and property boundaries, notes WilliamsMullen.com. The owner may designate priority areas and mark others as less significant, as desired. The action plan includes specific guidelines on authorized techniques for clearing the house, when to start salting and plowing, and where to haul the snow. The contract contains provisions that allow the owner to terminate the contract with notice to the contractor. It also specifies the contractor's rate and excludes the owner from personal liability.

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