What Information Should Be Included in a Sales Plan?

A sales plan should contain sales goals, sales objectives, the target sales market, and a financial budget needed to achieve the sales objectives. It should also include strategies and tactics necessary for its implementation, and the timescales, which involve scheduling the activities necessary to the achievement of the sales objectives.

The sales goals should be specific and achievable, and may include raising a particular product's sales by a certain percentage within a certain period of time. The sales objectives, on the other hand, refer to specific achievements that help an organization attain its goals upon their realization and are dependent on the sales goals.

The target sales market should include the market research, which helps show the industry developments that guide in the projection of the industry sales figures. Additionally, the target market should include the competitors: the firms that sell similar items. This helps the business owners make a comparison about the market shares and customer-base.

The sales plan budget forms a section of a company's marketing budget and helps track the expenditure of the sales team, depending on the sales objectives. The budget prevents the sales team from using excess financial resources while working towards the achievement of the sales goals. The budget should include the cost of labor, advertisement, travel and supplies.