What Information Should Be Included on a Resume for a Sysco Trucking Job?


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Information that should be included on a resume for a Sysco trucking job is personal information for contacting and any relevant experience. It is also helpful to include any previous schools or certifications.

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It is extremely important to have a resume written properly for the job available. One important thing to remember is to take a few keywords from the job posting and place them in the resume when writing it. Then, when the hiring manager looks over resumes, they will see the keywords for the specific job they want to fill.

For trucking resumes, it is important to make sure the competencies and schools are included on the resume. The school attended and the dates attended play an important part as to whether the company will hire someone. They also want to know the amount of experience someone has had and with what types of trucks. Licensing and certifications are valuable pieces of information to put on a trucking resume as well. Any special qualifications such as hazardous materials handling and driving should be added to this resume.

Any exceptional qualities and professional achievements can make someone look impressive to a company they are applying for a job to. The ability to memorize routes and knowing things such as accepted weights at weigh stations or even knowing locations of weigh stations can be helpful.

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