What Information Should Be Included in a Resignation Letter Announcing Retirement?


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Some information stated in a resignation letter announcing retirement includes a clear statement of resignation and the projected date the employee ceases to work. This letter also includes thanks to the company for every opportunity the employee was afforded.

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The resignation letter begins with the employee's information including name, address, phone number and email address. Next, the date and the information for the employee's supervisor or human resources director is listed in block format. The salutation is formal, including a colon following the person's last name. The body of the letter discusses the resignation and is closed professionally with a signature.

A resignation letter is brief and to the point and does not need a detailed explanation concerning the reason the employee is retiring. The employee can offer to help the company during the transition and afterwards if he is inclined and willing to do so. If he is, he can provide a timeline and a means of communication once he has completed his last day at work. It is better the employee resign in person first and then send in a formal letter for the company's employment file. If a physical letter cannot be delivered, a professionally written email in a formal format is acceptable.

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