What information should be included in a lease renewal letter?


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Some of the information included in a lease renewal letter includes specific dates, an offer to extend the lease, terms of a new lease and any changes in the rental rate. It is also important to include any deposit and notice information.

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A landlord must follow a solid format when writing a lease renewal letter. The layout should start with the date the landlord sends the notice, and the name and address of the landlord. The letter must also include the name of the tenant and the address of the property.

The best lease renewal letters begin with an overview of the property and the date the lease expires. Following this, a landlord usually offers to extend the lease, and if this is the case, an explanation of the new terms follow. This explanation usually includes the term of the lease and the new rental amount, if applicable. If a new deposit or fee, such as a pet fee, is necessary, a landlord mentions this as well.

A copy of the new lease usually accompanies a lease renewal letter, with instructions on signing and initialing the pages. The landlord also makes sure the tenant knows that a 30-day notice is necessary if choosing not to sign the new lease. The landlord signs the letter, and then sends the letter to the tenant.

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