What Information Should Be Included on a Housekeeper's Resume?

What Information Should Be Included on a Housekeeper's Resume?

A housekeeper's resume should include contact information, a career objective, employment experience with achievement-oriented responsibilities, education and additional skills. A resume helps job seekers to transfer to other positions, get a managerial promotion or earn a higher income.

A housekeeper's resume should include her contact details at the top of the resume. This includes name, address, email address and telephone number.

The career objective should contain the years of experience in housekeeping and related skills. A housekeeper's resume needs to explain why she would be an asset, not what she expects the company to do for her.

The resume should have an employment section with the most current job at the top of the section and other positions in chronological order below it. For each job, she should list her title, the company's name, city and state and how many years or months she worked there. The list of responsibilities should contain numbers where possible. For example, instead of saying she cleans hotel rooms, she should say that she cleans 100 rooms a week.

The education section should contain any colleges and universities the housekeeper attended and any degrees she received. Housekeepers with no post-secondary education can list high school or vocational school.

The additional skills section should include languages the housekeeper speaks, computer skills, any knowledge she has of special equipment and her certifications, if applicable. The resume should only contain skills relevant to the job she is applying for.