What Information Should You Include in Help Wanted Ads?


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When creating help wanted ads, include a thorough job description, the ideal candidate's professional qualifications, and the personal traits necessary to fit into the business's culture. Clearly state the contact information for the business and the preferred method of contact. If the job provides any benefits or advancement opportunities, mention them. Additionally, list any legal descriptions applicable to the business, such as whether it is an equal opportunity employer.

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Help wanted ads should be as specific as possible and begin with an eye-catching headline to provoke interest. The job description should include a detailed list of employee responsibilities, and if the candidate is required to have a certain degree, certificate, number of years of experience or type of formal training, the description should also state this information.

Personalize help wanted ads by directly addressing the reader as "you." Use adjectives and verbs that come across as exciting or dynamic in order to gain the reader's interest. Write the ad in a friendly, inviting way that makes the reader comfortable reaching out or submitting a resume.

Place help wanted ads where those searching for employment are most likely to look, such as online job listing websites or a local newspaper. Wherever the placement, make sure to list it under the correct employment category. A good way to judge what category the ad should fall into is to search for competitors' help wanted ads and post in the same section. If the job falls under two categories, use a shorter ad in the second section to direct the reader to the main ad.

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