What Information Should You Include in a Safety Plan?


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A safety plan should include instructions for reacting and responding to accidents, fires, medical emergencies, chemical hazards, and weather situations such as a hurricane, tornado or blackout, explains the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. The safety plan is used as a guide for people to make informed decisions during a crisis, and should be personalized for the company, organization or individual, explains Sienna College.

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A safety plan must include methods for reporting emergencies and fires, as well as escape routes and evacuation procedures, according to the United States Department of Labor. The plan should identify the individuals who are responsible for evacuating students, employees or citizens, as well as those who are responsible for securing company equipment or machinery if danger could result from leaving the equipment unattended.

Safety plans should also outline procedures for accounting for all people on the premises once an evacuation is complete, explains the United States Department of Labor. Specified individuals should be trained and assigned to perform medical and rescue duties during an emergency or crisis. A safety plan should include a comprehensive list of students, staff or employees who are typically on the premises, along with the contact information and job titles of each person.

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