What Information Should You Include in a Personal Statement?

A person statement includes information on the achievements, skills and career goals of the writer. It also includes the unique characteristics of the writer, his experiences and opportunities, and any other factors that make him suitable for the job he seeks. The statement also answers in detail any questions that the employer may ask interviewees to address.

A personal statement addresses the distinctive or impressive aspects of a person's life story. It includes details of the writer's personal life, experiences, events and people that have shaped and influenced his person and goals. A personal statement details the source of an applicant's interest in a specific field, his motivation and the insights gained over time. It also includes any other information that gives the applicant an advantage over other applicants or helps the interviewing committee understand the writer better.

A personal statement outlines the achievements not mentioned anywhere else in the application and explains the value of these achievements to the employer. It includes a list of skills such as people and communication skills. A personal statement also explains discrepancies in the applicant's academic record and any unusual obstacles that the applicant had to overcome. The statement should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.