What Information Should You Include on Letters Requesting Documents?


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Though the specific information to include on a letter requesting documents from another party may vary depending on the nature of the situation, most letters should include a clear description of the exact documents in question, the address to which the party should send them and the date by which they should arrive. The letter should also include the name of the person requesting the documents and a statement thanking the organization.

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Various circumstances may require a business to request official or unofficial documents from another party, such as sales records for a building from a previous owner or financial statements from a bank during a divorce. When writing a letter to request documents, the writer should begin by using standard business letter formatting, placing her name, address and the name of her company in the upper left corner of the page. She should open the letter by addressing the business, or an individual if available, and stating the purpose of the letter.

Depending on the nature of the circumstances, she may also need to explain why she is requesting the documents. The letter must include a clear list of all the documents she needs, including all official names of forms when available. This may appear as a bullet point list to allow for easier reading and include any additional details, such as date ranges or related forms. She should end the letter by explaining where the entity should send the documents, in what format she needs them and the deadline for sending them.

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