What Information Should You Include in a Job Reference Letter for a Friend?


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When writing a job reference letter for a friend, the writer should include his own name and the way in which he knows the applicant, as well as the reasons he believes the applicant will excel at the job as well as improve the company as a whole. The writer should briefly explain in the beginning of the letter his own position and his applicable experience, without going too in depth on himself, according to Daily Writing Tips.

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If known, the writer should describe the applicant's current job and position within the company he works for, the salary while he was employed for the company, and the dates that he was employed for. If applicable, it is recommended to put the applicant's classroom grades for classes that apply to the job being applied for.

The writer should describe his judgement on the applicant's character, skills, and qualities. Any exceptional qualities that the applicant may possess should be singled out and described in detail in the letter. If possible, the writer should use concrete examples of when and how the applicant used these positive qualities to improve the workplace for himself or for others. All letters should end on a positive note with the writer stating that he is available for further correspondence if the company requires, according to Daily Writing Tips.

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