What Information Should You Include in a Fundraising Introduction Letter?


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A fundraising introduction letter must include the name of a contact person to add a personal touch, and can begin with a bold question that leads to sharing a charity organization's story. An effective letter focuses on highlighting one main activity or goal, and then requests a donation for a specific amount. If the contact has contributed in the past, give an update of organizational achievements using facts and figures. End the letter by thanking the donor for his support.

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Personalization is crucial when writing fundraising letters, and letters should aim to show how the donor benefits from his participation in helping an organization achieve its fundraising goals. Use the word "you" liberally throughout the letter. One way to gain donor interest is to offer tangible items in exchange for a monetary donation. Giveaway items can be things closely related to the organization, such as performance tickets, or any item that benefits the donor in some way. Letters can ask for money more than once using different approaches, and a call to action is more effective than passively asking for support.

Include urgent reasons why the donor should give now and not put his donation off until a later time. Donation requests tied to a deadline or holiday are effective, but be wary of using specific dates.

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