What Information Should You Include in an Employee Performance Report?


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An employee performance review should outline the employee's accomplishments, dependability, flexibility, adaptability and relationships with other co-workers and clients. The performance report should cover objectives and goals for the future, as well as employer expectations. If the employee has areas he needs to improve upon, the performance review should note how the employer or manager plans to work with the employee in order to help him achieve his goals

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An employer writing an employee performance report makes note of the employee meeting or exceeding expectations. If the employee needs to take additional courses or training the employer should make note of that as well.

A performance report should also indicate the behavior and relationship the employee has with the customers and co-workers, and the employer should make specific references to how the employee contributes to a positive work environment. Outline things such as the employees ability to report to work on time, adapt to changes and be a dependable member of the workforce.

If the employee is in a leadership position, the employer should note the employee's ability to enforce decisions and troubleshoot problems. The employer should also outline any goals for the employee to strive for as far as professional and performance development.

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