What Information Should You Include on a Collection Form?


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Collection forms should include the name of the person who owes the debt or, in the case of student loans, the name of the child for whom the debt is owed. The amount of money owed should be disclosed, as well as any associated late fees. The original due date of the payment is often mentioned, and the absolute last day that payment is accepted is also included. Contact information for the company is also included.

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Collection forms usually take the form of a letter. They address the amount of money due and specifically what the payment is for. Many collection forms come equipped with an envelope in which the customer can mail his payment, and letters always include a disclaimer stating that if the payment has already been made, the letter can be disregarded, or the company can be contacted to ensure the account information is correct.

Many collection forms make an effort to let their customers know that, although their debt remains unpaid, they are a valued customer and the company would like to continue their professional relationship. They also offer solutions that include timely payment, contacting the company to arrange payments or community resources that the customer can contact if he is having trouble paying his debt.

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