What Information Should You Include in a Basic Payslip?


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The information that should appear on a payslip or pay stub includes the name of the employee, the name and contact information of the paying company, the period for which the employee is receiving payment and the total amount of the payment. The document also needs to include any state or federal deductions along with the employee's pay rate.

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A payslip serves as a receipt of payment from a company to an employee and, as such, needs to include details about all parties involved and the specifics of the gross and net payment amount. The payslip needs to have the name and address of the company issuing the payment along with the full name of the employee, along with her Social Security number or employee identification number. This allows the company to track payments to the employee and the employee to understand who is issuing the payment.

The payslip also needs to clearly outline the start and end dates of the payment period and include the total number of hours for which the employee is receiving payment. The document needs to list the rates for each payment duration, such as double pay rate for overtime. If the employee is working on a salary basis, an hourly breakdown is not necessary. The employer also needs to include any deductions it makes, such as for a company health insurance plan or federal tax withholding.

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