What Information Should You Include in an Academic Appeal Letter?


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An academic appeal letter must include details about negative circumstances that led to a drop in performance, explain positive developments that have changed things for the better and request reinstatement. A list of supporting documents can be added at the bottom to bolster claims made in the letter.

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The first section of an academic appeal letter should explain what happened from the student's perspective. Honesty is the best approach to use when writing this type of letter, and the student should admit to any shortcomings that caused the lapse in academic performance. For instance, if a heavy course load overwhelmed the student, that should be clearly stated. However, taking too many credits is not a strong enough reason to be reinstated. Back up minor issues with a major problem such as dealing with a sudden illness.

Medical emergencies or a personal health crisis are both considered valid reasons for poor academic performance. Other acceptable reasons that can be included in an appeal letter are severe family, personal or financial problems. The second part of the letter should be devoted to explaining what has improved to make the problem no longer an issue. Student's should confidently state what actions they intend to take to get back on the right academic track if their appeals for reinstatement are granted.

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