What Information Should Be on a Fax Cover Sheet?

information-should-fax-cover-sheet Credit: Marc Romanelli/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Information on a fax cover sheet typically includes date, subject, contact information for both parties, and a brief message to explain the fax. Businesses sending faxes may create a fax cover letter template with logos.

The purpose of the fax cover letter is to help direct the document and alert the recipient to what is included. This is particularly important if the recipient is a large business that receives lots of faxes each day. The cover letter also alerts the recipient to specific handling instructions or other important information, such as sensitive information in the document.

A standard fax cover letter template includes lines for the common information. Contact information typically includes the name, fax number and telephone number of both the sender and the recipient. If the fax needs to go to a specific person, putting that person's name on the fax helps direct the document properly. In addition to contact lines and dates, the form might include a space for the number of pages. This helps the recipient know if the entire fax gets sent correctly.

The message section of the fax cover letter is meant for a brief overview of the fax. It might let the recipient know what is included, why the fax is being sent, or what action the recipient needs to take.