What Information Should Equipment Maintenance Forms Contain?


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Though the specific details of the form may vary depending on the type of equipment, most maintenance forms include the date of the inspection, the serial and model number of the device, and the name of the person performing the procedure. The forms should also include a description of the maintenance and any other information necessary to clarify the equipment's current condition.

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Equipment maintenance forms allow owners to track the condition of a machine to monitor its performance and the overall cost of its upkeep, and to use as a proof of its service history if the owner ever sells it. Such forms should contain specific formatting to account for the exact nature of the device, as more accurate information allows future repair technicians and relevant managers to better understand the situation. All forms should include a space to track the serial number of the equipment to ensure that the form always stays with the correct machine.

The bulk of the space on the form typically focuses on describing the maintenance, including a short written account of the issue and the repairs. Some forms may contain areas to track specific part names and numbers. It is also possible for one maintenance form to handle multiple machines, in which case it should contain a section for designating each of the different devices. The form should also track the dates of all repairs.

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