What Information Should Employee Evaluation Forms Include?


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Information to include on an employee evaluation form includes accountability, dependability, flexibility, accomplishments, service, adaptability and problem solving. Additional areas of the form should cover objectives, goals, duties and responsibilities, and expectations of the employer.

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When using an employee evaluation form to review an employee's performance, the employer generally notes whether the employee has performed his expectations to par or has exceeded them. One area of the form should detail additional courses or training the employee may have participated in during his evaluation period.

An employee evaluation form should have an area for the employer to assess the employee's relationship and behavior with co-workers, customers and clients. The form should have an area to make notations as to how the employee helped to provide a positive environment in which to work. The employee's ability to report to work in a timely manner, be a responsible member of the team, complete tasks and adapt to changes in the workplace are key components to list on an employee evaluation form.

An employee's job duties or position and his abilities to make decisions, follow polices and solve problems are usually rated on an employee evaluation form. The employer may also include information about goals for future performance and development within the job.

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