What Information Should You Consider Before Using LPF Financial Advisors?

Prospective clients should be aware of their personal financial situations, risk tolerances and investment objectives as they consider using LPF Financial Advisors. Required during initial exploratory meetings with the firm's financial advisors, this information helps when crafting appropriate financial strategies for its clients, according to LPF Financial Advisors.

The process of constituting an advisory relationship between a client and a financial advisory firm involves two steps, explains LPF Financial Advisors. The first step involves an exploratory meeting designed to uncover the pertinent details of a client's personal life, such as goals, attitudes and the maximum they are willing to pay for financial advisory services. During these meetings, advisors also outline the firm's competencies and costs. If the client is willing to work with the firm, the advisors schedule another meeting.

This meeting constitutes the second step, which involves a discussion about strategies and recommendations derived from the information gathered in the first meeting, as explained by LPF Financial Advisors. This discussion, which is conducted between a prospective client and a financial advisor, explores the cost, mechanics, benefits and limits of proposed financial strategies. If the meeting is fruitful, the advisor draws up the necessary paperwork for the new client to sign, and this commences the advisory relationship. Advisors conduct additional review meetings at regular intervals.

The firm offers a number of services, explains LPF Financial Advisors. These include pre-retirement planning, estate planning and preservation, account consolidation, and retirement income strategy development and implementation.