What Information Should Certification Letters Include?


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Certification letters provide official third party verification in situations where it's required. A student might use a certification letter to demonstrate his academic career or to certify a school, scholarship or student loan. Additionally, certification letters are used in work settings where potential employers may ask to certify a current or former employer.

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Certification letters should be printed on paper that has an official letterhead, which may include the name of an individual or company, address, phone numbers and company logo. The letter should be formatted under the guidelines of the standard business letter format.

Start the letter with "Dear," followed by the recipient's title, name and a colon. The letter should address the recipient professionally, avoiding legal jargon and complex sentence formation. Because the letter serves as an official record, information must be written explicitly in simple language. All written information must be relevant and concise, with a focus on specific details.

If the letter is for an employee, provide exact beginning and ending dates of the employee's career term, and list the duties and responsibilities of former jobs. Additionally, positive attributes of the employee may be added. After the body of the letter is complete, a signature of the authorized person is required.

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