What Information Should You Ask for on a Consumer Feedback Form?


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Information to ask for on a consumer feedback form includes the name and product identification number for the product the consumer is reviewing, if available, as well as what the consumer wants to change about it and how she heard about the company and product. It should also ask for demographic information to help classify to which user segment the consumer belongs.

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Consumer feedback forms allow companies to collect valuable information about a service or product from actual customers, which in turn allows the company to make modifications and alterations to its operation to better match the needs of its users. It is important for these forms to ask the consumer to identify the product, service or other aspect of the company for which the customer is giving the feedback. This ensures the feedback goes to the appropriate department or managers. The form should also ask the consumer to identify how satisfied she is with the product, typically through a quantitative scale to allow for statistical analysis.

The form can also contain several similar sections that focus on specific aspects of the product and the consumer's reaction to it. Another important question to ask on these forms is what the consumer would change about the product. This often appears as a free response section so that the consumer can give detailed, specific feedback. The form also needs to track factors about the consumer such as age, location, income range and ethnicity.

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