What Information on Salaries Is Available on the Glassdoor Site?


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Glassdoor provides its users with lists of monthly salary amounts that are provided anonymously by current and former employees from a variety of companies. The company also provides salary comparison tools and a comprehensive list of average salaries organized by its users' preferences or locations.

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Glassdoor offers three different ways to view salary information. Its users can browse various reported salaries by job, view salaries by company or discover salary amounts by city. In each case, the amounts that the site displays are taken directly from employees working at the companies in question. Glassdoor also offers a list of trending salaries, linking its users to information about popular jobs in the fields of business administration, construction, engineering, finance, logistics, IT and sales, among others.

Additional tools provided by Glassdoor include articles that offer its users an in-depth view of the local and international job market in terms of salaries provided. Examples of salary information that the company compiles include a list of the 25 highest paying companies for interns in a given year and the top 25 companies for benefits compensation.

In addition to salary information, Glassdoor also offers access to user-provided information on total compensation and benefits packages for the companies and positions it reports on. As of 2015, the company claims to have comprehensive salary information on more than 180,000 companies worldwide.

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