What Information Are You Required to Supply on a Credit Card Application?


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When applying for a credit card, among the basic information an applicant is required to give a credit card company are his personal identification and contact numbers, Social Security number, date of birth, and annual household income. In the last half of 2012 to June 2013, nearly half of all credit card application were accomplished online, according to an article one Bankrate. Approximately 7 percent applied via mail, 11 percent by phone and 16 percent completed their application in a bank branch during the same time period.

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A credit card, or what some people call "plastic," is actually also made with graphite and metal alloys. It is basically an account holder's conduit to his line of credit from an issuing bank.

A credit card works by paying for a product or service purchased by the account holder with the bank's money. The account holder then pays the bank at a later date with interest. It is always best to settle the bill prior to the due date, according to an article by Forbes magazine.

Other information that an applicant is required to supply the credit card company includes his credit score and his employer's contact information, if applicable. The employer's contact information will be used by the credit card company to evaluate the stability of the applicant's job. This will then be cross referenced with the applicant's credit information.

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