What Information Is Required on a New York City Sanitation Application?


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When applying for the New York City sanitation jobs, prospective candidates must provide information about their age and high school or GED qualification. They should also state whether they have a valid driver's license, according to the New York Post.

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New York City sanitation jobs are very competitive due to the high number of individuals that apply in each recruitment period; in 2014, over 60,000 people applied for just 500 positions. The Sanitation Department requires that all prospective candidates must be at least 17 and a half years old and must have attained a high school diploma or GED qualification. These requirements ensure that selected candidates are literate and are of the legal employment age by the time the recruitment process ends.

For applicants to be selected, they have to pass a written test followed by a physical test. Providing information about the level of education helps to ascertain that candidates are capable of taking the written exam. Sanitation jobs require a driver's license because they involve handling vehicles and other mechanical equipment. The Sanitation Department trains applicants without driving licenses at an extra fee, according to GothamGazette.com. Candidates must also take a medical test and pass a drug test before becoming official employees.

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