What Information Is Required on FAA Medical Application Forms?


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The FAA 8500-8 form requires applicants to provide information such as identification factors; this includes name, Social Security number, address and occupation. Applicants must also dictate what positions the applications are for and the types of airman certificates they possess.

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The FAA 8500-8 is a form provided by the Federal Aviation Administration for individuals who are applying for an Airman Medical Certificate or an Airman Medical and Student Pilot Certificate. The form requires applicants to disclose information including total pilot time, former records of FAA Medical Certifications, medical prescription records and medical history; applicants must select all applicable medical conditions from a checklist and provide any criminal history.

A medical examiner must fill out sections of the form after a physical exam takes place. The examiner discloses any medical abnormalities that apply to the applicant, in addition to his vision quality, and mentions any disqualifying factors in the form.

MedXpress.FAA.gov allows applicants to fill out the form electronically, but all applicants are required to send a request for an account before signing in and applying. After the form is completed, it is filed in the FAA system and becomes available for the AME or Aviation Medical Examiner to obtain during the applicant's medical exam.

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