What Information Is Requested on a Security-Guard Application Form?


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The contents of a security-guard application form must provide information on the qualifications or credentials of the applicant so that the employer can gauge whether the applicant is suitable for the job. The scope of services provided must also be included in the form in detail.

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A security-guard application form must contain certain specific information due to the sensitive nature of the job. Applicants must provide information on their level of experience and any previous contracts handled as well the nature of the services provided. A criminal background check should also be provided from relevant authorities in various cities and states that one resided in. In most cases, a finger-based criminal background check is needed.

The application form also has to provide proof of limited liability insurance that every service provider must have. Any academic transcripts, corporate documents and verification of professional license should also be present if applicable. Special attention should be paid to the fees charged, mode of discharging duties and scope of work that are part of the application package.

In case the applicant possesses any firearm, proof of a firearm permit must be provided. An applicant must also provide proof that he went through proper training in handling of firearms and related equipment.

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