What Information Do You Put on a Late Rent Notice?


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A late rent notice typically includes the amount of rent that's overdue, how much time the renter has to pay it and a statement indicating that eviction will commence if the rent is not paid, states SFGate. The notice should be addressed to the tenant and include the address of the property.

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When a tenant fails to pay rent in a timely manner, a landlord typically serves him with a notice of nonpayment, reports SFGate. In California, sending a notice of nonpayment of rent, also known as a three-day notice, gives the landlord the opportunity to take legal action if payment is not received. Landlords should ensure their notices comply with their state laws.

Before the notice is sent, the landlord should verify the rent is late in accordance with the tenant's lease, states SFGate. The notice should provide the tenant with information on where and how to pay the rent and clearly indicate the intent to seek legal action if the tenant fails to pay. Some landlords may only need to send a late rent notice to jog a tenant's memory, states Rocket Lawyer. Documenting frequent instances of late rent could help a landlord if he needs to evict the tenant.

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