What Information Is Provided in a Tell Outback Survey?

What Information Is Provided in a Tell Outback Survey?

A Tell Outback survey asks respondents to provide various feedback about a recent dining experience at Outback Steakhouse. Usually, information is requested about the food quality, level of service and the atmosphere inside the restaurant. Outback uses this information to improve the dining experience at its restaurants.

A Tell Outback survey, also referred to as a Outback Customer Indulgence Survey, starts with the respondent entering an 18-digit code that is found at in the middle of an Outback Steakhouse purchase receipt. This information allows Outback to tie the respondent's experience feedback to a specific order to possibly better understand why a particular response may have been submitted.

Survey questions generally ask for specific information regarding what appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts were ordered. The respondent may be asked to give feedback about the food in regards to portion size, plated appearance, flavor, and perceived value, among other potential queries.

The other important purpose of Tell Outback surveys is to accumulate feedback about service quality. Survey questions may ask about a server's level of friendliness and attentiveness. Survey questions may also ask about the atmosphere inside the restaurant and its level of cleanliness.

At the end of the survey, respondents are usually asked if there were any problems with the experience, whether or not they were brought up to a manager and, if so, whether the problems were resolved to the satisfaction of the respondent. The survey may also include an opportunity to provide any other general comments or feedback about topics that were not covered by other questions in the survey.