What Information Do You Have to Provide on a Home Loan Application Form?


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Applicants for a home loan must typically provide prospective lenders with information in areas, such as personal identification, employment and financial status, as reported by Discover. Specific information within these categories may vary by lender and application, but prospective borrowers can expect to provide information like their Social Security number and the Social Security number of any co-applicants, pay stubs and employment verification dating back around 2 years, asset statements from financial holdings, such as retirement accounts, and disclosure of personal property currently owned by the applicants, including cars and life insurance.

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Loans are a form of credit, so most lenders want detailed information on an applicant's credit history, including their current credit situation. Lenders typically ask for information about income, but they may also ask for details about the prospective borrower's creditors. Applications may request details, such as the name of the creditor in addition to the creditor's address, monthly payments and the total amount due on each credit account or loan, according to Discover.

Other information, including copies of tax returns and photo identification, may be required as part of a home loan application. Applicants should be prepared to provide detailed information about their financial and employment history, including physical proof of this information in the form of pay stubs, financial records and even contact information for current and former employers.

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