What Information Do Property Survey Maps Provide?


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Property survey maps contain information about a property's boundaries, structures sitting on the property, and the location of fences or walls. Survey maps disclose property easements and setbacks and include a legal description of the property. Professional surveyors, who use surveying equipment to capture the precise dimensions of each property, create survey maps.

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A property survey map sheds light on the exact location of property boundary lines, which is useful for home buyers and property owners. In addition to the main building, structures such as garages, barns and sheds appear on survey maps. It's not unusual for a survey map to feature property easements such as utility power poles, sewer drainage ditches or TV cable boxes. Survey maps are essential for determining property title rights, and homeowners should consult them before they undertake building projects. Survey maps should be updated periodically to account for new property additions that don't appear on old maps.

Updated survey maps are often required to subdivide land for a variety of uses. Property owners can locate a parcel of land on a survey map using map coordinates. The map legend includes symbols designated for each type of item on the property. For example, one symbol represents a home, and another represents a well. Property owners can check the accuracy of a survey map by viewing property attributes in person.

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