How Do You Find Information on Pending Stock Splits?


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Various financial websites provide information on past and upcoming stock splits, including Yahoo Finance, Fidelity and Nasdaq. Each website has slightly different listing methods and sometimes shows different stock splits with of the three providing complete information on all upcoming stock splits.

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How Do You Find Information on Pending Stock Splits?
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Yahoo Finance includes a number of companies under its stock split information, along with payable, execution and announcement dates. The site provides stock-split information for previous months as well, but as of 2015, it does not list stock splits for upcoming months, as its website indicates.

Fidelity lists more companies than Yahoo Finance under its stock split section, including announced stock splits for upcoming months. However, even with the larger amount of stock split information, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq both list one different stock split each that Fidelity does not as of July 2015. Nasdaq only provides information on announced upcoming stock splits.

Companies split their stock for various reasons, but they often do so to increase stock liquidity by increasing the number of shares available for trading, explains Investopedia. Stock splits sometimes increase prices by encouraging renewed investor interest in otherwise ignored stocks. Additionally, stock splits often point to corporate management confidence in the future of their company. However, stock splits do not directly affect market capitalization.

Companies sometimes split stocks in reverse to reduce the number of shares while increasing their price. Companies use this procedure to keep the shares at a respectable price and avoid removal from stock exchanges, according to Investopedia.

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