Where Do You Find Information on How to Pay Taxes in Shelby County?


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As of 2015, taxpayers in Shelby County, Tennessee can access information on how to pay taxes online at the Shelby County Trustee website, according to the Shelby County Trustee. Residents can also find information at designated bank kiosks within the county.

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Individuals interested in paying Shelby County taxes online can submit an e-check on the Shelby County trustee website for free or use a credit card for a 2.6-percent convenience fee, according to the Shelby County Trustee. Fees are nonrefundable and taxes paid by credit card or e-check are posted and accepted once authorization is approved. As of 2015, residents can mail checks or money orders to David Lenoir, Shelby Countee Trustee at P.O. Box 2751 in Memphis, TN 38101-2751.

First installments of tax payments are due on the first Monday of October each year and the deadline to complete tax payments is the last day of February each year, according to the Shelby County Trustee. Tax payments not received by March 1 each year are subject to interest, penalty charges and the possibility of a tax lien placed on the property. If a tax lien is issued, all balances must be paid in full before the lien can be removed.

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