How Do You Find Information About Oil Futures?


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The primary information concerning oil futures in the United States comes from two reports the Energy Information Agency publishes weekly, according to Investopedia. International information comes from the International Energy Agency.

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The Energy Information Agency is an independent agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. Its charge is to collect, interpret and analyze energy data objectively in order to fulfill its responsibility as the policy adviser to the department. Its Weekly Petroleum Status Report contains raw inventory data along with spot and future prices for products. This Week in Petroleum contains more extensive data along with commentary. Both reports are available on Wednesdays as of 2015. The reports are free and available by email subscription on the agency’s website, reports Investopedia.

The International Energy Agency serves a similar role to the Energy Information Agency but is an energy adviser to the 26 countries of the Organization of Economic and Cooperative Development and reports global information. This agency also collects, analyzes and interprets data, but its report is available in the monthly Oil Market Report. This publication is available by paid subscription, according to Investopedia.

Crude oil is the primary product refineries use in production of petroleum products Changes in the levels of crude oil inventories affect the prices of crude oil futures and the prices of petroleum products, warns Investopedia.

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