What Information Is Needed to Fill Out an Application for Affordable Housing?


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The information needed to fill out an application for affordable housing includes the Social Security number of the applicant, his state Identification number and date of birth, according to SF Gate. Information regarding the applicant's income is also necessary when applying for affordable housing.

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Affordable housing is an initiative that is provided by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, and California Public Housing Authority to low-income earners, says SF Gate. It's based on the size and income of the household. The application for affordable housing can either be done online or offline as provided by the county.

To apply for affordable housing online, the applicant should go to his respective county's Public Housing Authority website and fill out the application, claims SF Gate. All the income sources such as wages, child support, self-employment and tips should be included in the application. In case the county does not offer online affordable housing application, the applicant should seek a printable application from agencies that provide the same, fill it out and send the application by e-mail. In the absence of both online and printable applications, the applicant should consult the Public Housing Authority and apply for the service in person.

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