What Information Do You Need to Write a Job Safety Analysis?


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The supervisor responsible for writing a job safety analysis must gather information regarding work procedures, potential workplace hazards and appropriate solutions to reduce the risk of those hazards. He must interview experienced workers, review the company's accident records and observe the work environment to obtain such information.

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When selecting workers to interview, the supervisor should choose those with firsthand experience of the job being assessed when writing a job safety analysis, also known as a system safety hazard analysis or a job hazard analysis. As he observes the workers performing their duties, the supervisor must write down the steps needed to accomplish the job in a logical order. He collaborates with the workers to verify that the recorded steps accurately describe the work process. Each recorded step must be succinct, because excessive details can reduce the effectiveness of the job safety analysis.

The supervisor must avoid making generalizations and underestimating the complexity of the job. He must evaluate all potential problems in the workplace and determine the likelihood and possible consequences of their occurrence. His job safety analysis must include hazard controls, relevant training and necessary equipment to improve job safety. Additionally, he should generate a detailed plan describing what measures workers must take when problems occur and how to minimize the risk of their occurrence.

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