What Information Do You Need to Look up a Federal Tax ID Number?


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There are several ways to look up a Federal Tax Identification Number or Employer's Identification Number; some of these require little to no additional information. For small business employers that have lost or misplaced their EIN, these ways include checking the electronic notice of confirmation from the IRS and checking a tax return from a previous year and from a bank or any organization where the EIN was used, notes SBA.gov. Employees, on the other hand, can check their employer's EIN through their W-2 forms, the business payroll, from human resources and accounting departments and online from public court documents.

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An EIN is a unique nine-digit number that is issued by the Internal Revenue Service to businesses for tax purposes. Apart from filing tax returns, business owners who retain employees also need an EIN to apply for state and local licenses. When the business owner somehow misplaces his EIN, he can reach out to these organizations to ask for the EIN if a tax return from a previous year or the notice of confirmation from the IRS are not available, according to IRS.gov.

Employees can look up their employer's EIN on their W-2 forms, usually above the employer's name and address. The nine-digit number has a dash after the second digit. If the business is a publicly traded company, employees can also search for their employer's EIN through their annual 10-K filing. If the business has gone bankrupt, former employees can check an EIN on the docket sheet of the public court documents.

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