What Information Do You Need to File a Complaint With the BBB?

What Information Do You Need to File a Complaint With the BBB?

When filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, consumers need to provide information about the nature of the complaint, the business involved, information about the person filling the complaint and specific details about the problem encountered. The online form also has a questionnaire that users must complete before being allowed to continue and enter information.

The BBB's goal is to settle disputes between consumers and companies that provide services. It acts as an arbitrator by forwarding all legitimate complaints to the business involved within 3 days of receiving them.

The business must respond if it is part of the BBB's network of participating businesses, and if not, it has 30 days to respond. If it fails to reply, a notification of no response will be posted under the business's listing in the BBB directory.

Normally, customers file complaints after exhausting all options with the company. When filing a complaint, it is important to have as much documented information as possible. Emails, receipts and even conversations should be recorded and organized for the best results in the complaint process.

Copies of a complaint are posted on various BBB websites. The organization is divided by state and ZIP code. Once one locates the BBB that covers the area where the business is located, the complaint will be registered with that office through its website.