What Information Do You Need to Find and Check Your 401K Balance?

Contact the former employer with the full name, social security number, and the calendar dates corresponding to the work period to find and check a 401k balance. If the former employer has since declared bankruptcy, merged with another company or gone out of businesses, contact the administrator. If the administrator is not known, try to find one of the old 401k statements sent from the company, which should contain the contact information, explains The Denver Post.

Fidelity Investments and Hewitt Associates LLC, for example, are both large 401k administrative companies with millions of 401k participants. If you cannot locate the old statements, you can request your plan's Form 5500 using the name of the employer from the United States Department of Labor, according to Missing Assets.

401k benefits might also be found at the National Registry of Unclaimed Retirement Benefits. The National Registry is a database listing of missing participants, where employers can register the names of employees who are owed unpaid retirement benefits, states Missing Benefits.

If the total is less than $5,000, it is possible that the employer rolled the 401k funds into an IRA account. Conduct a free search for these IRAs on the FreeERISA website, states Forbes.