What Information Do You Need to Add to a Blank Warranty Deed Form?


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The information that should be added to a blank warranty deed form includes the names of the current property holder and the expected holder, considerations for ownership transfer and the legal description of the property. The date of ownership transfer and the signature of the grantor should also be added.

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A warranty deed form is a legal document that acts as a guarantee that the property seller is the legal owner of the property and has the right to decide what happens to his property. This form legally protects the buyer from any post-transfer disputes regarding the property. It can be obtained from an attorney or downloaded from the Internet. Once obtained, the warranty deed form is completed in the presence of both parties.

The considerations indicated in the warranty deed form include the amount that the buyer pays to prompt the ownership transfer, and the property description includes features such as measurements, dimensions and boundaries of the property. The particulars of the description can be obtained directly from the current deed if no changes have been made to the property. In the case of any changes, the parties should call on the services of a licensed surveyor to acquire an up-to-date legal description. Once it is duly filled, the current property owner should append his signature to the form in the presence of an attorney to finalize the ownership transfer.

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