What Information Does the MoneyGram Payment Tracker Provide?


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The MoneyGram Payment Tracker provides information on bill payment transactions, explains Business Wire. Such information may include data on transaction origination, completed payments and revoked transactions. Additionally, the browser-based tool notifies users in real time when payments are made.

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The MoneyGram Payment Tracker is a bill collection management and Internet notification application, according to Business Wire. The tool provides users with the means to track, record and audit bill payment transactions. The MoneyGram Payment Tracker has a number of features intended to boost usability and security. These include advanced search, which allows users to quickly find specific information with wild card scans, date ranges and other criteria; transaction status updates for individual bill payer accounts; and strong password controls. The application also allows users to download data in the Comma Separated Values, or CSV, format, and the Extensible Markup Language, or XML, format.

MoneyGram requires users to log in before using Payment Tracker, states its official website. The browser-based tool is a component of the company's ExpressPayment service, which allows customers to make bill payments in cash at locations that include Wal-Mart stores. Such payments attract a cash fee, which, as of July 2015, do not exceed $9.95. On receiving the money, MoneyGram notifies the recipient organization through Payment Tracker and credits its account.

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