What Is Some Information on the Material Safety Data Sheet for Acetone?


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Some of the information on the Material Safety Data Sheet for acetone includes its chemical product name, hazard identification and first aid measures, according to a MSDS sheet from Fisher Scientific. The MSDS also includes information on proper handling and storage, exposure controls and personal protection.

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In Fisher Scientific's MSDS, acetone is also known as dimethylketone and 2-propanone. It is an extremely flammable clear and colorless liquid. Its vapors can create flash fires and are harmful when inhaled. It can damage the respiratory system, central nervous system, eyes and skin. First aid measures depend on the type of exposure. Inhalation exposure requires the person to immediately evacuate to fresh air. Eye and skin contact requires immediate flushing with plenty of water. Accidental ingestion may require aspiration. A person should not induce vomiting unless directed by a medical practitioner. In all cases of exposure, immediate medical attention is required.

Acetone should be stored in a tightly sealed container, in a cool dry place with plenty of ventilation. It must be kept away from any source of ignition. When handling acetone, the user must wear splash goggles, a lab coat and rubber gloves. Clothing must protect against skin exposure, and an approved respirator is necessary to protect against fume inhalation. Any contaminated clothing must be washed prior to reuse.

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