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A check contains the checking account owner’s personal information, such as his name and address, and indicates the payee, which is the business or person to whom the check is written, explains About.com. The payee line on a check may indicate payable to “cash,” which lets any bearer of the check cash it. The dollar box indicates the check amount in figures. Below the payee line, the check states the amount using words.

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In case the amount in words and figures varies, banks use the amount written in words. A check writer may opt to include additional information on the memo line. The check includes the date it is written or, in certain cases, it is post-dated. The signature line shows the checking account owner's signature, which facilitates the check’s approval.

The check bears the checking account owner's bank contact information and logo. The American Bankers Association number is found at the bottom of the check and features computer-readable print that helps the payee’s bank identify the drawer’s bank, according to About.com.

A checking account number displays the check writer’s account, while the check number, located at the bottom and top right of the check, provides a sequence of the checks that an account holder writes and helps in keeping track of financial records, says About.com. The bank fractional number displays the bank’s address in a format that financial institutions use to process payments.

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