What Information Is Kept in a CDL Logbook?


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Information kept in a CDL logbook includes driving dates, miles driven, and the driver's name and truck number. Record start and end times of driving periods, and report any changes in vehicles or co-drivers. Include destination beginnings and endings, as well as specific items transported.

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Drivers record their day by filling in boxes of a grid; each box represents an hour. The boxes can be further divided into intervals of 15 minutes to indicate times when the driver is taking a break, sleeping, driving, or on duty but accomplishing another task required by the job. A horizontal line goes through the hours of activity, and a vertical line indicates the transition to the next work day. Record any comments in the remarks section of the log.

Be specific when recording information in a CDL logbook. Dates and times must be precise, and locations must be broken down to state, city, town or village; recording mile markers is sometimes required. Every hour of the day must be accounted for, so ensure that there are 24 completed boxes for each day. Additionally, all recordings should be legible and grammatically correct. Failure to correctly complete CDL logbooks may result in penalties or fines.

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